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    Truth be told how much I love these people. <3

    Butterflies.. my bestfriends :) reunited. 

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    Elfs Please spread.


    ELFs, please spread for other ELFs to see.

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    hart hart x)) ang saya nila hahaha.my bestfriend w/ her boyfriend (husband daw -_- hahaha) :D

    hart hart x)) ang saya nila hahaha.

    my bestfriend w/ her boyfriend (husband daw -_- hahaha) :D

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    You Know What

    I wanted to hate you. Get mad at you and anything.. but it will not ease the pain. No. And I just can’t..

    You know what’s the sad part here? Is that I never saw it coming so fast, it was as if yesterday you were here beside me, long talks, sweet jokes, asking for attention. And then you became distant.. I’ve felt it. without words you left. 

    Truth be told how much I’m trying to resist myself from crying. You found someone else and change me so damn quickly.. 

    I waited for you to fess up :’) I waited and waited with some hopes that you still feel the same as I do to you. But no, you gave none, said none. 

    Still I waited and hope for a month, hoping things will be better.. 

    But you just don’t know how to say it to me straight, do you? You’ve become coward of your own doing. :) and i’ve seen you so quiet and drawn into your own world, not the usual you. I don’t want to see you as that. 

    I want you to smile, laugh and be happy with everything. I guess lying to me gives you guilt, that’s why I decided to end it :)) 

    I want you to say sorry, but you didn’t bother and ended things with your ‘Salamat…’. I felt that my worth can’t even afford a simple apology from you :)

    I was degraded even more.  I still care, and fuck these emotions. my eyes are tired from all the drama. 

    I had forgiven you the moment I saw your face, and I just can’t help but hope you the best that could happen. 

    You can see me laughing and smiling that’s because of my friends, they’ve seen so much from my weak side but didn’t bother to leave just as you did. I am happy, but at night I can still feel the sting of the pain you scraped upon me. 

    I don’t easily give up with anyone. But I want and I give up on you. You gave me the scissor to cut what’s between us, I fought for it long but how can I fight for someone who’s not even there to hold the other end. 

    I have this pride that you will not be a part of me anymore :)
    Don’t worry.. I will forget. As if nothing had ever happened, that I’ve not known you well. 

    For a whole year you’ve became so special.. and I felt the same from you but for a range of a month, you found someone else and I saw a different person with your image.. 

    Thank you for last year. For everything.

    God knows how much I cried, and will.  

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    so cuuuuuuttttteee :’>

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    "The hardest part of love will always be the aftershock. The beginning is tough, the middle is worse, but the end is unbearable, because even if you swear to hate the person you’re trying to get over, you’re still trying to get over them. And it isn’t just a one-time thing. It happens over and over and over, and you feel like nothing will ever be able to prevent the pain from being felt. And why? Because of memories. All the little things. The tiny pieces of what made you fall for that person in the first place all come together and it almost smothers you, because you can’t forget them, no matter how hard you try. Facial expressions, smells, places, songs. A kaleidoscope of what once was but is no longer there. And dealing with that and having to go through the same process day after day is completely exhausting because not only do you have to remember it, but you have to accept that you won’t ever get any of that stuff back. That smell will always just be a smell, not something against your skin as you curl up and sleep. That person in the photograph will always just be in the photograph. Those songs and movies and places are all just things now, holding a faint connection to a fading face. But you’re losing it. And you’re losing it again."

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    "Distant, so far, destiny is selecting me.
    I can’t be strong, life is disconnecting me.
    Now loneliness is infecting me.
    Count of the days, you were there protecting me.
    -Dead by april"

    - theredisaster (via theredisaster)
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    "Seasons change
    Now every touch feel so strange
    Wanna rewind to the old times
    Before the apathy in your eyes"

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    { kyungsoo’s birthday countdown }  10 days

    Kyuuuungsooooo :))

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    i miss yesung :/

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    "When ignored by someone whose attention means the most to you, the reaction in the brain is similar to physical pain."

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